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PRESS RELEASE PASADENA, Calif restoring-normal-male-orgasms.html .—-Arrowhead Research Corporation , a biopharmaceutical organization developing targeted RNAi therapeutics, announced the acquisition of Novartis&rsquo today; entire RNAi research and advancement portfolio and associated resources. The acquisition includes assignment of specific patents and patent applications owned or controlled by Novartis related to RNAi therapeutics, an exclusive license in the RNAi field to other patent and patents applications possessed or controlled by Novartis, assignment of a third party license, three pre-clinical RNAi candidates, and additional related assets. The business is hosting a conference call at 8:30 a.m.

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The 2003 costs, the latest data available, included $80.8 billion in direct costs, such as for example medical expenses, and $47 billion in indirect costs, such as lost wages, the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control said. The full total was a 58 % increase over the 1997 number of $86.2 billion cost, largely because government surveys identified 9 million more instances of arthritis or related conditions, the CDC said. The CDC estimated that 46.1 million people were treated for arthritis and other rheumatic conditions in 2003, and 29.5 million of these lost earnings.