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CDC: Hip substitute surgical procedures are more prevalent in the U.

The compound, a carbohydrate known as OGT2378, blocks the production of an enzyme that malignancy cells need to make gangliosides, molecules within the membranes of all cells. When secreted by tumor cells, gangliosides suppress the immune system, alter the microenvironment surrounding these cells and promote the growth of new arteries necessary for tumor development and survival. ‘Tumor cells create gangliosides at a much more rapid price than normal cells. By interfering with this process we can end a tumor from growing in a fairly dramatic fashion without damaging the standard tissue surrounding it,’ says Stephan Ladisch, M.D.The Wall Street Journal: Catholic Bishops Battle Contraception Rule At House Hearing Catholic bishops required their fight against a new federal rule requiring medical health insurance plans to cover contraception to a House hearing, where a representative of the U.S. Meeting of Catholic Bishops testified that Obama administration changes announced last week are ‘basically unworkable’ . The Washington Post: Lawmakers Debate Mandated Insurance coverage Of Contraceptives In Health-Care Rules Tempers flared on Capitol Hill on Thursday as lawmakers waded into an extremely heated debate over the mandated insurance coverage of contraceptives beneath the nation’s fresh health-care law. Many Democrats walked out of a homely home hearing on the provision, accusing Government and Oversight Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa of blocking testimony from a female witness who works with the mandate .