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Following some relevant questions from shareholders.

Cannot, even with the consent or recommendation of the Table of AstraZeneca, invest in an increase in price , also if such boost would take effect following the expiry of the PUSU Deadline. In the period following a expiry of the PUSU Deadline Pfizer will never be in a position to announce an present for AstraZeneca or consider other steps referred to in Rule 2.8 of the Takeover Code regarding an offer for AstraZeneca, for an interval of 6 months, apart from in the circumstances set out in Note 2 of that rule. Accordingly, the just proposal before the Board of AstraZeneca is usually that set out in the ultimate Proposal Announcement.00 per share being made prior to the PUSU Deadline, even with the consent or recommendation of the Board of AstraZeneca, absent the announcement of an increased competing offer by an authorized.Medical malpractice and negligence are hard to resolve in a foreign country extremely. Medical tourism individuals have hardly any legal leverage. If an individual is prosperous in the legal fight Even, there is no mandate for the physician to pay out the settlement. This is exactly what makes overseas procedures so inexpensive. Also if the procedures are cheaper than those in the United States as some providers claim, a patient still has to come up with 100 percent of the payment before the procedure. Additionally, the individual is also responsible for their post-surgical care, which often includes a visiting nurse, physical lodging and therapy, leading to higher costs. If a problem arises after surgery, it is too costly to return to the initial surgeon often, so patients need to seek care in the home in the US.