St. Michael the Archangel

This announcement was produced at HIMMS jointly in Atlanta.

Aventyn launches healthKrypt security technology for health info and trusted transaction processing Aventyn Inc. This announcement was produced at HIMMS jointly in Atlanta, GA and RSA2010 in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, CA . Now it is possible to encrypt consumer ID, applications and data using dynamic encryption algorithm that’s specific to an individual, device, service and content combination. By uniquely encrypting consumer IDs, data and devices, health record info is shielded with one-click authentication and robust important management. Health IT and Medical Banking systems are additional strengthened with custom work-stream using processor specific protection features with *Intel x86 AMT/VT/TXT, ARM and AMD-V TrustZone technology for scalability.

The first example of probable human-to-human transmitting was reported in September 2004 in Thailand and although this is apparently an isolated case, specialists are dubious and think that others might possibly not have been identified and reported. Of the 88 recognized human situations in Asia, april 2005 by mid, 51 of these had died. The primary victims have already been young, healthful adults and this is normally puzzling the scientific specialists. The H5N1 virus is currently endemic in lots of south-Asian countries and specialists are actually aiming at containment instead of eradication. It had been first identified in 1997, and since 2004 the avian flu virus is becoming more pathogenic, surviving many days much longer, has been within mammals and will be asymptomatic – 1/3 of domestic ducks in Thailand are reportedly contaminated without developing any apparent signs.