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Bird flu jab for hens could halt pass on of the virus U.

Gambotto is normally optimistic that the nasal vaccine may are better in people than it do in animals, because the vaccine runs on the live individual adenovirus. Gambotto and his group will work with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to get approval for individual trials.. Bird flu jab for hens could halt pass on of the virus U.S. Experts say they have created a vaccine in under a month which totally protects hens from the deadly H5N1 virus. The vaccine is said by them can be an economical way to avoid the spread of the bird flu.We need to additional define its part. The researchers studied postmortem brain tissue samples from 14 male chronic alcoholics and 14 age-matched male individuals with no background of alcohol misuse. The samples were from the superior frontal cortex, an area of the brain connected with alcohol misuse that is a area of the brain pathway which involves emotions of desire and reward. This protein may play a role in the reward circuitry, said Gu. If that is true, a drug to block these effects could reduce reliance on alcohol.