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Houston Chronicle: Only 3,000 Enrolled UP TO NOW For Obamacare In Texas Less than 3,000 Texans selected a ongoing medical health insurance plan in the 1st month of enrollment for the Affordable Care Action, regarding to much-anticipated federal data released Wednesday . Miami Herald: Obamacare Count: 100,000 So Far, 3,500 In Florida A lot more than 106,000 eligible people – – including about 3,500 in Florida – – selected a medical health insurance plan in October using the federal – and state-structured marketplaces that are key to the Affordable Treatment Action, the U.S. Department of Health Human Providers reported on Wednesday .Take this possibility to toss or donate your aged clothes that no more fit. This can help you visualize your improvement and gain self-confidence. This will inspire you to adhere to your dieting programs and lose a lot more weight going forward.. Biochip technology to revolutionise the pharmaceutical industry Advancements in biotechnology have got culminated in it is integration with semiconductor technology such as for example micro-electromechanical systems, leading to the development of biochips.