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Antibiotics Risky for Nifedipine Users: Study Antiobiotics save lives.

Antibiotics Risky for Nifedipine Users: Study Antiobiotics save lives, however they also pose risks – including some that doctors may neglect to recognize. Just to illustrate: The favorite antibiotics erythromycin and clarithromycin can trigger dangerously low blood circulation pressure when taken by people who currently take nifedipine or another so-called calcium-channel blocker. That’s the essential finding of a new study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. For patients on a calcium-channel blocker who need an antibiotic also, azithromycin may be a safer bet, Dr.Katz said future programs include studies with larger numbers of patients to validate that circulating unusual cells are related to disease stage, relapse and survival. They also will evaluate epithelial, mesenchymal, stem blood and cell and lymphocyte markers, combined with FISH, to locate the origin of circulating irregular cells and their connected characteristics. Work is under method to develop a clinical test predicated on FISH.

Cancer professionals urge world leaders to attend U.N. Meeting on NCDs The American Society of Clinical Oncology on Monday sent a letter signed by major U.S.